The World XCM On-line Tournament is open to any XCMer or manipulator wanting to compete. There are no age or other requirements. All you need is a video camera/webcam of some sort, and be able to upload your video. Many competitors use the free - video hosting site that is easy to use.

The World XCM On-line tournament will start on 15 May. The tournament requires that you make a video approximately once every 2-3 weeks only. You have that time to make your routine and upload.


The World XCM Tournament uses a double elimination battle system. In other words, people are paired up by random drawing and they battle to decide on the winner. Each competitor submits there video and our pannel of expert judges grades them all individually by a point system, and declares the winner. The winner advances in the winner's bracket and the looser drops down to a loser's bracket. You have to lose 2 battles/rounds to be out of the tournament completely.
Please join me in congratulating our 2008 World XCM Champion - Digital Artist! He is without a doubt one of the most creative and skillful XCM artists and has now proven that to the world! His incredible videos, impeccable timing, and genius creativity has kept us all captivated through the most respected XCM tournament in the world. He is truly deserving of the "World XCM Champion" title and deserves all of our respect. We thank you for entering our championship and congratulate you for winning it all! Here is what you won:

Digital Artist will receive:
* "2008 World XCM Champion title"
* Large - HUGE Silver trophy with winners name engraved. (valued over $200)
* Official Superhandz 1rst place certificate suitable for framing
* Signed First Edition ”De’vo’s Secret Books” (Over $100 Value)
* Silver U4 clip (Over $100 Value)
* All street magic & Magician magazines
* The Superhandz Warz Poster
* Any 3 De'vo or Flourishman DVDs
* 1 pin of your choice
* Choice of any shirt or hat.

1st placea

2nd place - Loom is without a doubt one of the craziest, and consistent XCMers ever to grace our tournament. He placed an unbelievable 2nd place for the 3rd year in a row! He is the only artist in the world to place in the top 3 in 3 consecutive years! Loom is going to get a special award for this accomplishment, separately from this award.

Loom will receive:
* Signed First Edition ”De’vo’s Secret Books” (Over $100 Value, I decided to add this prize last second - not pictured)
* Official Superhandz 2nd place certificate suitable for framing
* Any 3 De'vo or Jerry DVDs
* The Superhandz Warz poster
* T-shirt of choice
* Both pins

2nd place

3rd Place - Hands of Sorrow surprised everyone this year with his outstanding videos and creativity and captured 3rd place. Handsofsorrow is a very dangerous competitor for anyone that battles him in the tournament. Be on the lookout for him in next years World XCM Championship! Handsofsorrow won:

* Official Superhandz 3rd place certificate suitable for framing
* Any 2 De'vo or Jerry DVDs
* T-shirt of choice
* 1 pin of his choice


Congrats to all 3 winnerz - you are truly among the best in the world! As others make cut videos, or claim to be the best, but you prove it by conquering the world's most respected XCM tournament. 9 months of competition battling 40 manipulators from all over the world in many different categories using your own style, creativity and skill. You are all champions, and thank you for the privelege of watching your videos.

De'vo vom Schattenreich, and the entire Handlordz Team