Make an UNCUT video of you performing any XCM moves you like with one exception, the table should be invovled in your act. This round is designed for you to show us your table work. Use any table, with or without matt. Please do not use other objects like glasses or coasters for now. Just cards of your choosing, the box or clip, and a table. You can use 1 or more decks, normal or bridge sized. You may sit or stand, your choice.


No more than 2 minute 30 seconds or there-abouts TOTAL including intro. You can have an edited intro - taunting or something cool of your choice, but the actual video must be uncut. You can edit the color of the video, but nothing else. No speeding up, and no cutting the footage. No super-imposed images, just the raw video but can again have color correction only.

You must show a clip/box/card case of your choice somewhere in the video so we know that the video was made specifically for this tournament. The box/case/clip may be used during the routine.
You must show your face somewhere in the video as usual.

Use any deck you like, single or multiple, normal or bridge sized.

Videos are due on Sunday, 27 September 2009 - anytime on sunday GERMAN time! Which is normally 7-9 hours AHEAD of the U.S.
In these early rounds, there are no exceptions to the rule! You have 2 weeks to shoot and edit your video so it's plenty of time. Please make your deadlines! If you cannot submit a video, you will be automatically kicked out the tournament. If you feel you can't do a proper video, submit something and you will only lose the round.

Please don't upload your videos early! Last round was a disaster for that... wait until the day before. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this round of the tournament.

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